Asia CEO Awards – Nominations


Asia CEO Awards, presented by American Express, brings together the senior leadership of the country to recognize the accomplishments of individuals and organizations that have done the most to develop the economic capacity of Philippines.

Members of the Board of Judges, a group of 7 prominent leaders from the private and public sectors, receive nominations for organizations and people they believe demonstrated outstanding leadership achievement in various awards categories.

Nomination Essentials

Who Can Nominate?

Candidates for awards can be nominated by any person. Individuals and organizations can certainly nominate themselves for awards. Members of the Board of Judges of Asia CEO Awards are excluded from nominating candidates.

Who Can Be Nominated?

Asia CEO Awards are for individuals and groups of individuals who are either Filipino citizens or non-Filipino citizens who have a strong connection to Philippines through their employment, business involvement or heritage. In all cases, candidates must have made a positive contribution to the development of the country’s economic capabilities and international reputation.

Is There a Cost?

There is NO FEE to submit nominations. Organizations and individuals are asked to attend the event and join us to advance Philippines as a premier business destination.


The judging process is scrutinized by KPMG. Judges with commercial involvements with any of the nominated organizations and individuals inhibit themselves from voting.

To know more about how you can nominate, contact:


Richard Mills
t: +632 892 6703