Prediction: Philippines will emerge as a global tourism destination at the end of this year.

Hear Steve Wolstenholme, President of OKADA Manila, explain why his company is building one of the largest integrated casino developments in the world in Philippines.

Located in Entertainment City, Okada Manila has already cost close to US$3B, just for the first phase – helping to push foreign direct investment to the highest level in the history of Philippines. The company is now scrambling to hire 10,000 Filipinos by the end of the year to meet their opening deadline.

The facility will feature a colossal indoor beach club, the first in the country, and a Dome nightclub that will be unrivaled in all of Asia. The fountain lake will feature a dancing water and light show purported to be the grandest in the world. Added to this, are 1,000 luxury hotel rooms, 80,000sqm of ultra high-end retail space and thousands of advanced gaming machines and tables.

The questions people are asking include:
+ Why is one of Japan’s richest men risking his entire net worth investing in Philippines?
+ Is there enough demand to fill another casino in this small market?

Given its size and scope, Okada Manila is already impacting the economy of this nation and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Come and hear how Philippines could emerge as a global tourism destination beginning the end of this year because of this huge investment in the nation’s future.

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STEVEN WOLSTENHOLME was the featured speaker of Asia CEO Forum last September 14th, 2016; Wednesday.

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