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HEAR Richard Hancock, of NYA International, the world’s largest crisis response and prevention organization.

While making positive strides over the past decade, Philippines is still considered one of the world’s most notorious hotspots for kidnap, ransom & extortion (KRE), according to statistics.

Just last week, long-term resident John Ridsdel was beheaded after a horrific 6-month ordeal. Today, a video appeared with more hostages in dire circumstances. However, most hostage targets are Filipinos and most business people know someone who has dealt with a kidnapping or extortion incident or experienced it themselves.

Richard Hancock will provide a very Philippine-specific presentation based on his many years of dealing with KRE crises in the country:
+ What is the profile and behavior of most hostages (and what should I not do)?
+ What regions and environments are most hostages taken (and where should I avoid)?
+ How should people and companies present themselves to reduce exposure threat?
+ What steps occur when a hostage in taken? How to get them out?
+ How to deal with media, reputational issues and after event fall-out?
+ How are rescued hostages and families stabilized and rehabilitated?

As the successful Philippine economy continues to entice companies and tourists into less developed and more remote areas, the risk to ourselves and employees (and families) become greater. Extremist groups such as the Abu Sayyaf and NPA are active and well-compensated contributors to the KRE profession. Their recent success at extracting huge payments from families and foreign governments guarantees a growing industry as profits are re-invested and upstart entrepreneurial groups join in.

Hear Richard Hancock describe what can be done to increase the safety of you and your staff, and families. Richard has provided in-depth crisis response services throughout Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East for governments, NGOs and Fortune 500 companies, including crisis response, emergency planning, business continuity and corporate security team training. He has conducted mass personnel evacuation throughout Asia and coordinated major consulting assignments covering a diverse portfolio of critical assets, including seaports, airports, retail chains, international schools and oil refineries.

NYA International is a specialist crisis prevention and response consultancy, which helps clients reduce their exposure and manage incidents of kidnap for ransom, extortion, illegal detention, marine piracy, emergency evacuation, malicious product tampering, and related global security problems.

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RICHARD HANCOCK was the featured speaker of Asia CEO Forum last May 18th, 2016; Wednesday.

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