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Hear PEZA Director General Charito Plaza, discuss her battle to retain PEZA tax incentives in the face of impending Tax Reform and keep the Philippine economic miracle on-track.

Tax Reform is imminent and will be the most far reaching in decades with higher take home pay for most of the nation’s income earners.

But, to pay for the massive giveaway, the government wants to remove the zero VAT exemption through PEZA that has attracted most of the nation’s fastest growing — and highest paying — employers.

The question becomes: What good will lower tax rates be if people lose their jobs because companies move away? Rapidly increasing costs are already causing concern whether the economic boom created by the IT-BPO and manufacturing sectors is sustainable. The loss of zero VAT exemption could push many companies over the edge.

PEZA Director General Charito Plaza is alarmed that Philippine’s attractiveness as an investment destination would surely take a hit and is frantically working behind the scenes to lobby for an exemption.

Will the Philippine economic miracle grind to a halt or will it just be the next phase of a great story?

Charito Plaza is one of the authors of the Special Economic Zones Law that created PEZA. She is also one of President Duterte’s closest allies. “Super Woman” Charito Plaza is a former 3-term congresswoman and the nation’s only female Brigiadier General of Philippine reserve forces. She has a Ph. D. in Peace & Security Administration from Harvard University and is a former beauty queen.

Hear “Super Woman” Charito Plaza describe how she is working to save our the Philippine economic miracle on Thursday, May 4 at the Manila Marriott.

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CHARITO PLAZA was the featured speaker of Asia CEO Forum last May 4th, 2017; Thursday.

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