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Is the end in sight for the Philippine growth miracle? Over the past decade, Philippines was one of the world’s economic stars.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has been the primary sector responsible for this growth. Employing a million-and-a-half well paid knowledge workers clear across the nation, it continues to grow at double digit rates and its success seems taken for granted.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) could disrupt this happy-go-lucky situation. Various pilot projects, are already in advanced stages with implementation around the corner.

It is already sending jitters across government and the private sector but there is no escape, accepting the future is the only option — and the faster the better.

What will be the impact on the Philippine labor force?
Can Philippines continue to grow or is the end in sight?
What do government and the private sector need to do?

Hear Craig Reines, of Sitel APAC, tell what the future will look like for nation’s most important growth industry.

Craig is easily one of the most traveled senior leader in his industry. He has led large operations across the world based in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Australia and Philippines.

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CRAIG REINES was the featured speaker of Asia CEO Forum last June 7th, 2017; Wednesday.

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