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Join Asia SME Summit 2017 to learn from and be inspired by the most successful entrepreneurs this country has produced in our generation. They started businesses from scratch that become dominant in their sectors or are leading supporters of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. They are transforming the nation from one dependent on a few dozen large enterprises for growth to one propelled by thousands.

Be with us for Asia SME Summit 2017 with Elite Sponsorship by JLL, LBC Business Solutions, Meralco Biz Partners, Regus and Sprout Solutions.

Speakers include:
Bert Lina – built one of the nation’s largest logistics conglomerates and become a major force in his sector
Tony Meloto – created the nation’s highest profile and most awarded NGO organization, Gawad Kalinga
Inanc Balci – built the dominant online shopping provider, Lazada, that is now challenging the country’s largest retailers
Renato Sio – started with 3 people and now employs 2,000 at 7 SaniCare factories throughout Philippines
Joey Concepcion – best known for his Go Negosyo advocacy which addresses poverty through entrepreneurship
Senator Bam Aquino – most prominent political champion of improving the lives of Filipinos through entrepreneurship
and many more.

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Speakers for Asia SME Summit 2017 include (in approximate order of appearance):

Mitch Locsin
Vice President & Head


OPENING: In addition to his current senior role to promote SME organizations and entrepreneurship, Mitch was previously the founding Executive Director of the Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPAP) and was instrumental in making Philippines the world’s premier destination for offshore services.

Bert Lina

Lina Group of Companies

PRESENTER: As 2nd of 12 children, Bert built his business empire from scratch with hard work. He owns at least 19 companies and is considered one of the nation’s most prominent logistics industry leaders. He is also former Commissioner of the Bureau of Customs.

Tony Meloto

Gawad Kalinga

PRESENTER: Tony is the founder of Gawad Kalinga, the poverty alleviation and nation-building movement said to be the largest NGO in the nation. Its mission is to end poverty for 5 million families by 2024. Tony was named 2006 “Filipino of the Year” by the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Inanc Balci
Co-Founder & CEO

Lazada Philippines

PRESENTER: Inanc built the nation’s dominant online shopping business. He manages an exploding employee base of 2,800 people serving customers across the entire nation.

Ric Atienza
Managing Director

iMaverick International

PRESENTER: Ric runs one of the nation’s largest distributors of glass mosaic products and is winner of the SME Company of the Year at Asia CEO Awards 2016.

Joey Concepcion
CEO and President

RFM Corporation

PRESENTER: In addition to running one of the nation’s largest food and beverage organizations, Joey is founder of Go Negosyo NGO, the nation’s most important promoter of entrepreneurship. He is also Presidential Consultant for Entrepreneurship.

Roel Refran
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)

PRESENTER: Roel is a CPA-lawyer with 2 decades of experience in law, finance, and capital market regulation. He is a Professor of Law at Ateneo de Manila University School of Law and Adjunct Professor at University of the Philippines Virata School of Business.

Cecille Domingo

Meralco Biz Partners

PRESENTER: As head of Meralco BIZ Partners, Cecille’s role is to assist people to start or expand their businesses by helping them plan for their electrical needs and save money.

Renato Sio

Sanitary Care Products Asia (SCPA)

PRESENTER: Renato started his business with 3 people and now employs 2,000 people at 7 plants across the country. His company produces Php2B worth of hygiene products despite competing against tough multinational competitors.

Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV

Republic of the Philippines

PRESENTER: The youngest senator of the 16th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines and a world-renowned social entrepreneur, Sen. Bam Aquino has dedicated his career to empowering the youth and the poor, helping Filipinos improve their lives through entrepreneurship and with effective support systems.

Be with us for Asia SME Summit 2016 with Elite Sponsorship by JLL, LBC Business Solutions, Meralco Biz Partners, Regus and Sprout Solutions.

Download the Event Program HERE:

  • April 18th, 2017; Tuesday
    9:00 am - 4:30 pm

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